Why Hitech Crackers?

Why Hitech Crackers is preferred to buy Diwali Crackers Online 2016?

Best Services :

Hitech Crackers is the Leading & Largest Diwali Crackers Online Store in 2016. Also, Diwali fireworks are now available at clicks away and easier. Because, Hitech Crackers delivers fireworks at your doorstep. In addition, Hitech Crackers also offers Online payments, Cash On Delivery (COD), Card on Delivery as payment options.

Online Payments for fireworks - Diwali Crackers Online

Good Initiatives for Diwali 2016 :

We understand that’s not a good idea to burst crackers as it harms environment with pollution. Considering money, we waste much as we can on Diwali fireworks which is of less importance. While we understand the impact of pollution and wastage of money on Diwali crackers, consequently, we have come up with the following initiatives.

  • We plant a Sapling on your behalf, for every order we receive, as a result compensating air pollution as we protect for till its life time.
  • We donate a part of order amount towards charity, therefore we serve the society as much as we can with your money on your behalf.

Hitech Crackers Initiatives - Diwali Crackers Online

We are very clear on our mission towards a Greener Nation.! Why wait? We are available in 3 States, namely Telangana, Karnataka & Maharashtra.

Buy Diwali Fireworks online with COD / EMI / Online payments at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Warangal & Bangalore. We offer good quality fireworks as we are more concerned about the safety of our customers. We run tests to validate the quality of fireworks that we offer to our customers. Hitech Crackers is more trusted about only two brands in Fireworks. i.e., Standard Fireworks & Metro Fireworks. Standard Fireworks is the India’s famous crackers brand and we also offer the same. Metro Fireworks is also offering good quality crackers. Both the brands are based out of Sivakasi, Tamilnadu. We work with most of all the major wholesale distributors and offer Diwali Crackers Online services to our customers.

Now no more wait. Shop online and wish you a happy and safe Diwali.!