About Us

About Hitech Crackers :

Hitech Crackers was founded in the year 2014 with an idea of offering Diwali Crackers Online in Hyderabad. Whole idea was to offer Diwali crackers at the best price in the market, especially relevant in quality. We had several thoughts with respect to Diwali fireworks, because we would sell products that as a result will generate environmental pollution. Also, resulting huge wastage of money which would have used for charitable activities. Providing Diwali Crackers Online Hyderabad 2016 at the best pricing is our current motto.

As a result of the brain storming thoughts from the team of experts at Hitech Crackers, below is our mission.

Mission :

Hitech Crackers continuously aims at providing the best quality Diwali Crackers online in Hyderabad. In addition to Hyderabad, Hitech Crackers is also aiming at extending its services to other metro and non metro cities of the Nation. Furthermore but not the least, customer satisfaction, customer safety and a clean Diwali is what Hitech Crackers is looking at.


Hitech Crackers has already announced its initiatives. While we implement our initiatives, we also have some plans of following development activities planned for next 5 years.

  • Installation of water purifier plants in rural areas where no proper water facilities are available.
  • Much as donating to charity as part of our initiatives, planning to adopt few villages with the raised funds in coming 5 years.

Diwali Crackers Online Hyderabad 2016


Hitech Crackers is purely mission driven by visionary leaders. Considering the pollution generated on Diwali, Hitech Crackers have come up compensating the pollution which strikes of the idea to drop off bursting crackers.

  • We plant a Sapling on your behalf, for every order we receive, as a result compensating air pollution as we protect for till its life time.
  • We donate a part of order amount towards charity, therefore we serve the society as much as we can with your money on your behalf.


Diwali Crackers Online Hyderabad 2016

Diwali Crackers Online Hyderabad 2016 :

This year in 2016, Hitech Crackers is launching its services in Bangalore, Mumbai and Warangal. Diwali Crackers Online Hyderabad 2016 will be more exciting with the exciting services offered by Hitech Crackers.

Payment Methods offered :
  • Online Payments

Secured payment gateway integrated with the website providing a seamless payment experience to the customer.

  • Cash on Delivery

Customers can verify their order and pay by cash at the time of delivery.

  • Card on Delivery

Customers can verify their order and pay using their Debit / Credit card at the time of delivery.